Company Profile

company pictureSince established in 1978, KAC Co., Ltd. has been assisting pharmaceutical research and development and life-science research for more than 30 years under the principle of “Contributing to the development and advancement of science and the enrichment of human existence”. Our three divisions, the Animal Care Division, the Bioscience Division, and the Reagent Business Division, comprise a comprehensive business operation for rearing management of experimental animals, contracted experiments services and provision of research reagents, respectively.

Focusing on the Reagent Business Division, since it began operations in 1994, it has provided high quality products including human tissue derived products such as blood, hepatic cells and drug transporter related products for use in medical and pharmaceutical research, and has continued providing support for contracted experiment services at overseas partner companies. We plan to further enhance and expand our product range, and do our best to support biological research.

Transporter products

PREDEASY™ ATPase Assay Kits
PREDEASY Vesicular Transport Kitsの写真
PREDEASY™ ATPase Assay Kit is a unique product for measuring the ATPase-dependent drug - ABC membrane transporter interaction in a convenient, “ready-to-assay” package.
PREDIVEZ™ Reagent Kits
PREDIVEZTM Vesicular Transport Kitsの写真
The PREDIVEZ™ Reagent Kits is a simple and powerful tool to investigate drug transporter interactions. It provides information on any interaction between the ABC transporter and the drug candidate that would affect the transport of the fluorescent or radiolabeled or cold.